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Social Media Development

Social media is an inexpensive way to market your brand and/or company globally. With billions of registered users combined social media marketing can not be ignored. Below you can see what each of the major social media websites can potentially offer you and how to use them to increase revenue.


Still the largest Social Media Network in North America to date. They primarily target a younger crowd by giving them a free hosted one page website or their "Space". MySpace is a great tool for viral marketing and advertising to people between the ages of 16-30 years old. As the users get older the age group will increase as well. A well branded MySpace page can increase brand strength and global knowledge or your product or company.


LinkedIn is a business networking website. LinkedIn users' average age is 41 years old and the average income is $109,000. Many of the users have a college or graduate degree. A LinkedIn account can help you and your employees increase global branding and awareness to a more elite audience then many other social media network websites typically have.


Digg is a social news website that relies on its users to generate the content for the website. A registered user can share news, videos and images about absolutely anything. An active account on Digg can generate a lot of traffic to your website as well as increase global brand awareness.

Face book

With the largest growth rate of all social networking websites Face book can not be ignored. Although some people believe it is just another MySpace. That is not true at all. Face book's demographics are different and the website serves a different purpose. Many MySpace users do not have a Face book account proving that the two social media websites are not competing for the same audience. A Face book account can help you gain brand awareness to over 75 million users that average 30 years old.


Videos on YouTube can reach over 1.73 billion potential viewers. YouTube is a little different then the other social media websites because you do not have to register to participate. This is why YouTube's potential audience is far greater then the other social media websites. YouTube videos can be shared with friends and that type of viral marketing can quickly gain you global brand recognition. YouTube will allow you to create and design your own branded account where you can put of videos about your company and share them globally across the internet.

What does it cost?

Our Social Media Design start at $3,000.